What Exactly is Re-Glazing/Resurfacing/Refinishing?

"Re-glazing" is commonly referred to as Refinishing and/or Resurfacing and this special technique is performed on a bathroom basin whose surface is worn, damaged or dirty which end result will reveal the original luster and sheen.

Re-glazing can be performed on any bathroom basin (tub/shower/wall tile/sink) made of porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass and cultured marble.

Vintage claw foot tubs can also be re-glazed. One of Prestige Resurfacing’s specialized facets is the unique ability to restore claw foot tubs. This service offers free pick-up and delivery. If you are looking to purchase a re-glazed vintage claw foot tub, Mr. Lang maintains an inventory of these for sale.

Re-Glazing Process

Re-glazing any type of bathroom basin will involve four hours of intensive labor through a six step chemically applied process. At Prestige Resurfacing, Mr. Lang personally performs all six of these steps himself with attention to detail in identifying the damage on the basin (tub/shower/ wall tile/sink) while applying experienced accuracy using specialized chemicals/equipment to ensure your financially invested re-glazed process is thorough and properly complete.

Six Steps

Mechanical Etching, Sanding and Cleaning (labor intensive to prepare the surface for coating adherence)
Damage Repair (determine damage and repair any chips, cracks, pits, and rust or burn marks)
Site Preparation (tape-off, paper and tarp the bathroom’s surroundings)
Apply Primer (applying a chemical primer for a long lasting finish)
Apply Coating (industry glaze sprayed resulting in a drip-free and evenly coated surface)
Re-Caulking (scrape removing old caulk and applying a coat of fresh caulk)

*If a bathroom basin has been previously re-glazed, then an extra step is necessary when a re-glazing process is performed again. This extra step is referred to as Stripping. The chemical product used to strip a basin of a previous re-glaze requires special equipment and a dangerous chemical to remove the existing coating. Mr. Lang has twenty four years of experience in stripping basins. With this vast experience, Mr. Lang readily and easily can determine if a bathroom basin has been previously re-glazed prior to any work Prestige Resurfacing performs. You will be advised of a required strip prior to any work commencement.

Labor Warranty

Our labor warranty represents Prestige Resurfacing’s commitment to service, as well as Mr. Lang’s strong belief in providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Prestige Resurfacing’s re-glazing labor warranty is supported for five years. The consistent achievement of customer satisfaction is very important, and this reveals itself through Mr. Lang’s direct usage of an aliphatic acrylic urethane specially designed and sold only in the bathroom re-glazing industry. A copy of Prestige Resurfacing’s Labor Warranty also details specific Care and Maintenance Instructions and is provided in hard-copy to each customer.